Google—always it—can be an important partner in analyzing the perception of your brand. Through Google Alerts , you can follow everything that is said about your company in the digital environment. Since it’s not easy to track every post, select a few terms you want to track and receive everything automatically. For free, you can check the main publications and references to your company name , for example. This way, your team can always be aware of the most relevant mentions and, in addition to recording and understanding these reviews, can act when necessary.

Monitor comments on social networks

Social media is also a platform your team should monitor closely. A relevant thermometer is to follow the comments left on your pages. A post about your e-commerce delivery efficiency that receives an avalanche of criticism indicates a negative perception. At the same time, positive executive email list comments from satisfied customers show that your message is being effective. As we mentioned previously, there are specific platforms for consumer reviews and feedback. Additionally, Google Reviews can provide more details about what they think of your brand.

Conduct constant research

Another point that you cannot ignore: monitoring brand perception must be a constant task . What works one day can suddenly become a problem. Therefore, it is necessary Email Lead to monitor these channels frequently and ensure that the perception of your company is always as planned. The good news is that, in addition to monitoring brand perception, it is possible to influence a positive outlook regarding your business. Here are some tips, check them out.