Interview with Nicolas Moinard, Growth Marketer at Mailjet by VictorIn addition Campuzano .12 .Feb 2019 | Growth case studies and initiatives .1 Comment Hello! How are you? How are you? Good? I hope so! Today I am very happy. And do you know why? Well, In addition because today I bring you an interview with Nicolas Moinard, a super crack who is going to tell us a lot of interesting things about Growth Hacking.

Photo by Nicolas Moinard Nicolas works as a Growth Marketer at .Mailjet and is the founder of the digital magazine . Before Mailjet, In addition he has worked on growth hacking strategy for the largest startup accelerator in .Southeast Asia and different startups around the world. There it is nothing. Before Mailjet, he has worked on growth There it is nothing.

Growth Hacking is still a fairly

Unknown discipline in Spain. Could you define what it is and for what purpose you apply it at. Mailjet. Growth hacking, or growth nothing more than a strategy that seeks to quickly and efficiently increase the number of users, impacts or income of a executive data company, with the minimum possible effort and expense. A definition that. I think summarizes this concept very well is that of Dan .Martell. Growth Hacking is the process and mentality of looking for new .Ways to grow your product. It’s like a mix between engineering and marketing. ” At Mailjet , we use this discipline to track and improve the user.

How did you

In addition, How did you get started in Growth Hacking? What introduced you to this discipline? In my previous job, I worked for a company where we didn’t have much of a budget. We couldn’t spend a cent on ads, so we had to drive growth in a different way. So I started reading books Email Lead and trying to better understand how all those .Silicon Valley companies grew like wildfire, and then I decided to try some of those techniques. One of the first things I put into practice was implementing a referral program inspired by Dropbox.

Dropbox had exponential growth, offering extra megabytes to those users who recommended it to their friends .or acquaintances. So I decided to implement the same principle and in just two months we. increasedIn addition our acquisition by 35%. It is true that what works for one company will.