A few hours before the end of 2019. I can’t think of a better way to thank those who have made this speech possible, dedicating part of my time to writing these letters by and for you, and sharing them. I owe it to you in the same unconditional way that most of you have treated me. In the same vehement and intense way that characterizes me. With that disgusting and charming sincerity that I display. And that’s what life is about, people. People to share your time with. A finite or infinite time. You decide who yes, who no and who never again. 

One more year of learning

One more year of learning. It has been a year of a lot of learning, I suppose the same as for all of you. And whoever says that he has not learned, please take off the blindfold, because surely there is something that he is not seeing clearly. Sometimes the most unlikely email database  things are the ones that give us the most reasons to learn, to make decisions, to grow and become a better version of who we already were. I have learned to forgive those who ruined my existence. And to forgive myself, which is sometimes more complicated than forgiving others.

Learn to say no

Life has taught me to say NO when my heart and head doubt. Don’t forget that you have to listen to doubts. They always appear for some compelling reason… even if you don’t see it now. Even if you don’t feel it now. Although now you don’t understand it. Although now, NO. This year has taught me to prioritize the importance of circumstances. To relativize the problems, or what, due to our way of being, my way of being, I considered problems. No one has given me these learnings Email Lead more than my own experiences through my predisposition to learn, and to unlearn in order to learn. And they have always come from the hand of wonderful people… or sometimes not so much.