Emotional Marketing and Neuromarketing at Christmas . Therefore, I’m here again, and this time with the necessary load of Emotional Marketing and, obviously for these Christmas dates, forced to talk a little about Neuromarketing. Let’s go by parts. Although I have written many times about Emotional Marketing on my blog and in other people’s blogs, as well as about Neuromarketing, today it is time to remember it a little from the base. 

Christmas, Emotional and Experiential Marketing

Christmas adds incredible emotions to the moment and purchasing process. Making it memorable for many people who live unique experiences. And without a doubt, productive for brands. Perfect time to implement strategies that motivate consumers (people) to buy without thinking too much. Experiential marketing Email Lead has the upper hand these days. Physical stores make a colossal effort in terms of the creative approach to generate reactions in people through different stimuli.

How Emotional Marketing works

How Emotional Marketing works. In case you didn’t know, the word ’emotion’ comes from the Latin, ’emotio’, and explains the ephemeral variation in mood. And it varies depending on the stimuli that the brain receives. Remember that all emotions are generated in it. And depending on this, it can be a pleasant or Email Lead unpleasant emotion. And I prefer to define it like this, not negative and positive emotions. In fact, I always say that for me there are no positive or negative emotions, only emotions. And depending on different factors and circumstances, we will use them in one way or another. Welcome to Emotional Intelligence.