Therefore, This 2020 has started full of conferences around the world on my agenda. What a beautiful, intense and challenging vertigo. A little over 4 years ago, when I started lecturing, I had stage fright. My first talk didn’t help? (I will tell details another day, although I have told it in interviews, trainings, conferences and on my social networks). The problem and the solution Two years later I discovered the problem through a change of attitude because. Therefore, that would lead me to be happy and enjoy like a dwarf in each of the scenarios that I encountered. floor to give lectures and contribute something, no matter how little, to other people.

The conference audience

The conference audience. Each audience that I meet at my conferences and at events is a world. From the hostile public due to lack of knowledge or distrust, and even arrogance. Therefore, to the public open to discovering, learning and contributing alongside you. Honestly, I don’t care what audience I find if I always job function email list learn from it. Obviously I prefer the second. But I have learned from each and every one of the conferences I have given, and in those that remain to be given I am sure the same will happen.

Those fucking fears

Therefore, Those fucking fears I am aware that many of you who are reading me are afraid. That fear that follows you in all your projects. As Lorena told me in my Instagram post. What if people don’t like it. Therefore, What if my idea is not as good as I think. What if people laugh at me. What if everything goes wrong. These Email Lead fears, Lorena told me, are her limits. As I’m sure they are for many people (and have been for me too, believe me). She told me that it was those fears that stopped her from giving her all.