Has it ever happened to you that when paying your bill at a restaurant they tell you that they only accept cash? The discomfort is immediate. Set the right You probably do not have the money available at that moment. So you will have to go to withdraw from the nearest atm or borrow money from your companion. A very unpleasant experience. The problem is not that they only accept cash, the problem is that they did not notify you in advance. Managing shortages another possible situation in a restaurant is that certain dishes are not available due to a lack of a key ingredient or a shortage of some input occurs. This implies a potential snub for a diner who chose a restaurant to order his favorite, temporarily unavailable dish.

Managing shortages

A while ago i visited gyu-kaku , a japanese bbq restaurant, where they preventively inform their clientele of the limited availability of ingredients: important notice regarding supplies shortages we sincerely apologize. At gyu-kaku we always strive to provide executive email list great service, good food and good atmosphere. During these difficult times, we continue to bounce back with a refreshed team and continue to do our best to keep our customers happy. Our business partners also strive to support us as best they can. However, due to global shortages, supply and logistics have been affected. We ask for your patience as we navigate through these bumps in the road.

Set the right expectations

Our mission is always to make people happy with yakiniku. Because of the challenges we face during these times, we are very grateful to you, our guest, and we hope you enjoy your experience today. Thanks from the gyu-kaku team set the right expectations Email Lead service complaints originate from failure to meet expectations; but if from the beginning you establish its scope (what to expect and what not), you will save the client unnecessary inconvenience and will be more benevolent in their perception. Speak with transparency and honesty from the beginning; customers understand and tolerate, in fact they are likely to support you, they just don’t want to be caught off guard at the last minute.