Would you like to improve and get the most out of your WhatsApp? Do you know which are the best complementary applications to enhance and update WhatsApp ? In this compilation I will mention those apps that are the most outstanding on both Apple and Android , to enrich the content and improve the use of your favorite messaging platform. We all know that WhatsApp is one of the applications. The best Apps that has most influenced our way of communicating in recent years.

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Have been millions of downloads, and many others have wanted to compete, but to this day it remains unbeatable. But like everything in life, if we don’t update it, it executive email list becomes obsolete or unattractive and that is why I have decided to create this list of complementary apps so that you can enhance, improve and update WhatsApp on your platform in an attractive and fun way. In this list of 20 apps updated in 2018, 10 for iOS terminals and another 10 for Android, you will learn about applications to make backup copies, send more original messages, set a password for your conversations, schedule the day and time you want to send your messages and much more.

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Allows you to add captions with very fun texts to your images. You can draw and personalize your own photographs with a lot of humor and share instantly with your Email Lead contacts on various social networks. Do you want an easy and fun way to update Whatsapp? This may be a good solution. It is also a free app. Among the functions that it allows us to perform are: Customize your photos and make them unique. Create legends and place the text you like most inside. Montages with several themes to choose from. Share with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts , WeChat, Skype, LinkedIn, email or SMS, among many other options.