You have often wondered if there are any secrets or tricks to creating a powerful article, right? In this article updated in 2021, I am going to tell you what I do to create powerful, attractive and valuable content for my followers, and that has led my Blog to be recognized in the world of Online Marketing in a short time. In this post, I am going to give some very important tips that will teach you how. Creating an Article to make the perfect post, the one that makes your readers stay on your blog for more than 20 seconds.

To do this I am going

To talk to you about the structure that your post should have, the important aspects that you cannot forget, the importance of making your content scannable, authentic executive data and original, why it should have a minimum of words or the importance of using keywords. Do you think there is a universal template for writing good posts? The truth would be very good, but the answer is No! What exists are rules that can be followed to have a base and then between how well documented you will be on your topic and the inspiration you have you will be able to create a perfect article. Well as you see, writing a new entry is not an easy task.

That is Creating an Article

Going to try to help you with an article and infographic. With 25 aspects to take into account when writing a new entry. Very important advice, since many times we do Email Lead not write down. The ideas for new articles that come to us and after a few days, we no longer remember them. You should always write down, because many times the best ideas come when we are more relaxed or in different environments. Nowadays, with the competition that exists in this medium, it is difficult to create viral content. Therefore, you should specialize in a topic, study it very well and create useful and quality content.