This week I am planted. On Monday she published a personal reflection on entrepreneurship and on the concept of battles turned into learning. On Tuesday I published my article on Storytelling and Leadership , and today I end the week with this article invited to my virtual house. Today I have given the spotlight on my Blog to Pablo F. Iglesias, or as most know him. Yes, he is also my travel and travel companion.

The product is the effect, not the reason for purchase

Untitled Goose Game (ES) is an indie game that came out a couple of weeks ago. Its creators, House House , are a group of designers who come from the mobile app industry, this being their second game on the market. A title in which we will play the role of a goose in a beautiful English town. And our mission? Making life impossible for the poor villagers… in the only way that a simple goose could a priori do it to them (stealing a child’s glasses, locking an old man in his garden, scaring a woman so that she would drop her email leads birthday cake). his daughter…) . It is, above all, a playful joke . Some other mechanics that we could consider espionage type? , but above all a taste for good design and childish sarcastic humor.

A saturated market and an increasingly general industry

A saturated market and an increasingly general industry: Video games have gone from being products focused on a very particular niche with a relatively small piece of the pie (a mere children’s toy) to one in which practically everyone is of one kind. another way players . Because… I remind you that Candy Crush Saga is also a game, eh? A market that has grown exponentially since the 80s, and that rivals in income with other entertainment industries such as film or television. From this perspective, it is necessary to look for Email Lead ways to differentiate yourself . To offer something that seems new and revolutionary. A “you’re not buying another game”, but rather “you are taking part in an event . “