Registration systems can be obtaind, Measures taken or proposd by the controller to remdy the breach / measures to minimize the negative effects of the breach When creating a notification, point causes numerous problems for the administrator. It happens quite often that it is difficult to identify realistic measures that the controller can take to remdy the breach. However, phrases referring to the good intentions of the administrator, improvement in the future.

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Taking actions to minimize the risk (but without indicating what these actions are) should be strictly avoidd. According to PUODO, these phone number list are to describe specific actions taken by the controller after the breach occurrd. PUODO gives the following wording as an example: “Due to the breach of personal data protection, we have made changes to the procdure for verifying the correctness of the correspondence address and we have askd the wrong recipient to return the documentation.

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We have also correctd your contact details in order to avoid a similar event in the future. We also reportd the data protection breach Email Lead to the President of the Personal Data Protection Office .” In the case of mitigation measures, examples of specific actions that the data subject can take to avoid those effects should be providd. These actions must of course be adaptd to the nature of the breach in question.