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It seems that 4 years is a really long time for entrepreneurs to become familiar with the GDPR. And if we go back to the beginning of 2018, where the aforementiond EU regulation (and not a directive or an act as some people think and write was lurking somewhere around the corner. companies aware of this already began to seriously deal with the topic of implementing the requirements resulting from these we should be in a completely different place today, but is that what happend.

We developed further hypotheses

Information on financial penalties imposd by the UODO is impressive, but the question is whether these messages reach decision-makers responsible for security and finances in the company. I point to both, because it is impossible whatsapp mobile number list to build a sensible data security system without financial outlays. The latter are nedd, if only to purchase appropriate software that will secure the IT infrastructure in the company, but not only. Professional knowldge also costs money, and it is necessary to build awareness of staff who have access to personal data.

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Thanks to the Jobs to be done concept

A big challenge in connection with the GDPR was (is?) the period of the pandemic. Unfortunately, so far we have not receivd any Email Lead specific, clear guidelines from the supervisory authority or changes to the current legal provisions that would increase the sense of security of entrepreneurs who, on the one hand, wantd to run their business in accordance with the restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 restrictions, on the other and they were aware that the provisions on the protection of personal data are not relatively precise in this respect to put it mildly.

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