Detailed conclusions from the leaders

The third wave was the independence brought by products for creating one’s own ducational platforms (Teachable, Kajabi). In the Unitd States, the fourth wave is gathering, which will soon reach Poland, synchronous, cohort courses. What is it all about? Groups of 10-25 participants start training at the same time and learn from each other while making valuable connections and motivating each other. Trends in dtech own study basd on Bartholomew continues: What is important, cohort courses are aimd at more aware students.

From the general landscape of the market

These are not people who buy emotionally, treat courses like books, but people who wonder if they really have time, if they really database ned it. This is another evolution of this model. Companies like Reforge, Section4 and OpenClassrooms are organizations that are growing very fast, although a year ago some of them did not even exist. There are still few courses of this type in Poland.


An interviews into a whole narrative

Automatic personalization adds value Wojciech Krawiec, Operations Director at Skill Dynamics: We focus on personalization in Email Lead learning while achieving a clear, previously set goal by the client’s organization for the entire team population (a large technological trend, not only in the training industry – individualizing at scale). Tailor-made learning facilitates the absorption of content and is a great selling point that justifies the increasd price. Personalization can be active or passive.

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