The usefulness of  networks , what Social Networks are for , is a very old topic of discussion but one that, in my case at least, I continue to be asked in the trainings I give. If you are thinking about working as a community manager , or are looking for information about the use of networks , read this post where I tell you a little about what they are for and their usefulness. Better said, the question would be , what do you think  networks are for? What are  They are useful for a lot, but not for everything in Online Marketing. Media is , within Digital Marketing, an area of ​​work where we try to optimize, depending on the available resources, a brand’s social networks.

Let's first look

At the most common mistakes on  Networks… Errors in  Networks Lack of knowledge of operation. Thus, on many occasions, people open company data social networks for. Their brand without really knowing how they work. So they do not get the proper performance from them. It’s just publishing Another mistake in  networks. Is to think that the job of Media is to just publish and that’s it. There are many tasks before and after that those of us. Who are dedicated to networks, community managers and media managers do. No listening Literally, you don’t know what is being said. About the brand on  networks, if they ask us, have doubts or are creating a reputation crisis for us behind a simple comment on social networks. And you have to know everything.

Post wrong Many brands

On social networks make the mistake of publishing at the worst moments on networks , at the wrong time, when their audience is not connected, or is Email Lead not even on that  network. What are Other mistakes are publishing too much. Or too little, which tires the audience, or forgets you, depending on the case. Always talk about yourself You have to position yourself, you have to make yourself visible, we agree. But don’t always talk about yourself, as if the world revolved around us or our brand on social networks.