If there is no trust there is nothing

When a customer tells you that your price is too high, that they’re happy with their current supplier, or that there’s no room for new options right now, what they’re really telling you is that they trust someone else more than they trust you. As a potential supplier. Likewise, when a prospect calls you to ask if he can match a competitor’s price, it means that prospect doesn’t trust the other’s lower price and would prefer to work with you. Trust makes life easier when the customer can trust, their life becomes much easier. The greater the trust, the less work the buyer must do. If there In every interaction with a prospect, your prospect is silently evaluating your sincerity, competence, and consistency. If you detect insincerity, ineptitude or inconsistency, you will set off alarm bells.

Trust makes life easier

When the client doubts the decision he is making or the justification he will need to carry it out, he will have to investigate beyond the information that you as a seller provided him. And the more work the client has to do, the less control you have over the process, the longer the sales cycle will take, or worse yet, the client won’t make a decision. Honoring the company data word is more powerful than any commercial offer. A customer will trust a salesperson if he is legitimately convinced that he has his best interests at heart. It means that you focus on customer success as an end in itself, and not simply as a vehicle for your own results.

Sales are based on trust

If there Sales are based on trust just like purchasing, trust is above all personal and individual, not corporate. Purchasing decisions are more than rational and calculating. Buyers feel like human beings, not just cost centers. The sale is not Email Lead centered on the seller, but on the buyer. The goal of most sales approaches is to get the buyer to buy. Rather, the goal of building trust as a starting point is to help the buyer do what is best for themselves. If you earn the trust of your customers, you will sell and be profitable, more so than you would through seller-centric approaches.

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