A few months ago Instagram introduced a new feature: Instagram Stories . In this way, this social network was coupled with the dynamics of Snapchat , trying to Complete guide captivate an even younger audience. The strategy began to be very useful for brands. Instagram Stories allows you to tell any anecdote or action of the day in an easy and fast way. In 24 hours the content disappears. Following the success of this feature, Instagram went one step further and created the ad system through Instagram stories .

The benefits of using Instagram Complete guide 

instagram stories guide What are the benefits of using Instagram Ads Stories? Let’s first look at some revealing statistics: According to data published by Smart Insights  of US companies used Instagram.” Sprout Social has published that “ 25 % of Instagram ads are videos. executive data According to Instagram itself, approximately 2 million advertisers choose Instagram per month , there are 25 million companies that share and promote their products on this social network, the time spent watching videos on Instagram has increased more than 80% year after year and the Daily video production also increased 4 times compared to the previous year. What do these statistics tell us.

What is the Facebook pixel 

Regarding the advantages of this type of advertising, we can mention: They take up the entire screen, creating a much more immersive viewing experience. They are the favorite content format for much of the Instagram audience (including your potential customers). Allows you Email Lead to advertise in users’ newsfeeds and stories What are the requirements to be able to create an ad with Instagram stories? Of course, you will need a Facebook Ads advertising account , a fan page connected to your Instagram profile , content for your ad (graphic pieces or videos) and have the Facebook pixel installed .