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This happened in 1962, In the world of marketing. This expression has a very similar meaning, as it involves setting a goal or goal that. Although it may seem unattainable, will serve as a path to success. In fact, even if that goal isn’t met, the company will certainly be further along than if it had executive data set a more modest goal. That is, it’s about not being intimidated or afraid of goals that seem very far away or unattainable because that’s a way to grow and achieve success.

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Furthermore, the concept is often associated with, so the goal is often to go where no one has gone before and provide solutions or respond to needs that no one has been able to cover before. Moonshot thinking is difficult to apply in some companies. Or in environments where mistakes can Email Lead have financial and psychological costs. However, when an ambitious goal is set, a plan to achieve it must be developed. In other Phone Number List words, goals cannot be achieved without assessing. What is possible to lose and what is feasible given the company’s resources.