To prepare the BP profile, assumptions and intuitions must be put aside. This process, like all research, demands the application of effective inquiry. Techniques and methodologies, as is the case of the interview . Conduct Interviews Among other things, it is necessary to ask about work routines. Positions or segments, objectives, challenges, difficulties, and purchasing or consumption habits. Of course, when interviewing clients and prospects it is important not to. Forget to ask questions about background and personal data .

Conduct Interviews Collect Information With the Commercial Team

A good content strategy is one that involves different email contact list departments and areas related to the commercial field, such as sales and Marketing, mainly. This teamwork must be present from the initial stages , as is the case of creating the Buyer Persona profile. Therefore, it is necessary to collect and prioritize together the information that emerged through the interview process. In the end, sellers are in direct and constant contact with prospects and those who became customers, so they know for sure what characteristics the Buyer Persona should have.

Collect Data on the Behavior of the Ideal Customer

Here all data that shows the Email Lead way the user behaves. Within their market segment and also how they move on the Internet must be integrated and analyzed. Basically, it is about condensing all the information that allows us. To know where to find the potential client and how to approach them. This can be done from surveys with the company’s contact base or from specific investigations. Based on public domain data such as economic reports released by the government.