Communication at an early stage of dating has many advantages. According to statistics, subscribers who receive welcome emails at the beginning interact with the company much longer. But it also implies responsibility. Think over each phrase so as not to cross the line of importunity and familiarity.

In the second and third letters,  Serpstat  introduces recipients to the blog and shares useful cases on how good results can be achieved using the service’s tools.


What to write in a welcome series of letters

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or example, if you sell products or services, provide your followers with the following information:

  1. How the company works;
  2. How the company or product will be useful to customers;
  3. How to contact the support service and give links to social media pages, provide full contact information;
  4. Difference from competitors;
  5. Special offer for new subscribers;
  6. Answers to frequently asked questions.

Use the welcome chain to get to know your audience better.

Ask what kind of emails they want to receive in the future. Ask for a date of birth to congratulate or send a special offer on that day. Remind customers of the benefits they received when they signed Paraguay Phone Number List up. Then decide how many letters will be required for this.

Online stores may need only one letter. For example, MakeUp in the first letter told about birthday gifts and some features of the site. And Zootovary in the welcome mailing posted a maximum of practical information – the minimum order, cost and delivery options, payment features.    

Create an email template and structure

Don’t try to create the perfect letter. Here, the mere presence of welcome letters and the information placed in them is more important than the pursuit of excellence. But pay attention to design.

The Meditopia service has tried very hard to make its letter pleasant for perception. I also did not forget to post a lot of useful information for users. The letter turned out to be long, but interesting and informative enough to read it in full.

When compiling a series of letters, consider the following rules:

  1. Use corporate identity for recognition.
  2. Limit the amount of text. Make the letter easy Email Lead  to understand, convey important points with images.
  3. Place only 1 call to action in each message. So that the subscriber understands what is required of him at this moment and does not scatter his attention on several actions. As a result, he may not do any.
  4. Do not paint all the guarantees and conditions of work with your company in a letter. It is better to place links to pages on your site where this information is available.