A marketer’s bright dream is the number of subscribers tending to infinity. But a large base can be a source of even greater trouble. If you don’t regularly clean up your email lists and remove “dead souls”.

Remember the last time the base was The main reasons cleaned up. 1-2 years ago or never? This means that most of your marketing efforts and money are wasted.

According to various sources, from 22% to 35% of subscribers Peru Phone Number List die a year. Now calculate how many invalid addresses will accumulate if they are not systematically excluded from the lists.

…from 22% to 35% of subscribers die annually.

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The main reasons for deleting subscribers from the database

A dirty database is the most common reason for sending emails to spam. According to statistics, this happens in 70% of cases. In response to requests to get the mailing out of spam, mail providers demand to clean up the database.


As a result, you still have to adjust the lists of email addresses. But, raking the Augean stables is much more difficult than doing regular cleaning. At this time, your mailing plan fails, you do not notify The main reasons customers about new promotions and lose income. The larger and older the list of subscribers, the greater the damage from it.

Don’t focus on the size of the base. 

Instead, focus on how many active customers are on the list – those Email Lead who open emails, click on links, and make purchases.


It’s better to hit 3,000 addresses with an open rate of over 50% than 30,000 addresses that tend to zero. First of all, evaluate the engagement of subscribers. If customers respond to letters and perform the necessary actions, they follow links and make purchases. The basis means contains live addresses.