Estismail makes it easy to create and run an automated email series. Make 1 time layouts for the welcome series and set the required time interval. Then the system will do everything itself. Immediately after the subscription to the newsletter, the welcome series will start. How to send Welcome letters, see the Instructions . 

All of the above rules do not prevent you from coming up with something individual. LetyShops approached the welcome emails with humor. Confirming a subscription is compared to landing on the moon. It looks easy and funny, although it is not entirely clear what this is all about. The second letter included a link to a video with answers to the most common questions.

hurry or wait

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Decide whether or not to include the subscriber on the main mailing list before they receive all the planned welcome messages. After which message from the welcome chain the client will be ready to receive the information in full.

For example, the subscriber received the first welcome email “Thank you for being with us”. You have not had time to talk about the principles of the company and the benefits of cooperation. And according to the plan, a major sale … What to do in this case?

Of course, there is a desire to immediately bombard Panama Phone Number List newcomers with information about promotions. But they may not yet be ready to receive overtly selling and promotional emails. There is no need to rush here. There will be many more promotions and sales. A subscriber may negatively perceive advertising from the first minutes of meeting.

But, if we are talking about an online store, then information about the sale can be launched at any stage. The client is ready to receive promotional offers. He originally subscribed to a mailing list informing about sales. Just think about how to combine discounts on the first purchase for new subscribers with general promotions.

Analyze results

Track the open rate and click-through rate of each email in your Email Lead series so you don’t miss the moment of low interest. If the result is negative, make corrections.

Thistle Farms created a welcome chain of 4 emails. At the beginning, they sent a welcome message, then a story about the brand, its mission and customer reviews. But, after the second letter, the recipients lost interest in the mailing list. The openness of Epistles 3 and 4 tended to zero. Almost no one has read them.