Even the most skeptical and less technological exhibitors have understood that familiarity with the new media is essential. In a historical moment in which digital tools become the only means of not suspending one’s business. Catering must have the ability to innovate, as Panino Giusto did, for example. If COVID-19 has accelerated a trend Bulgaria Phone Number List that is already underway – explains the CEO Antonio Civita – the app we have created can be used in three ways (take-away. Delivery and possibility to book at the restaurant by skipping queues at the entrance and at payments) has been effective. Already collecting 25,000 downloads of which at least 10,000 with a constant frequency of use.

How do you communicate efficiently in companies far from the spotlight such as engineering, building, construction.

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In the variegated world of communication, everyone has the perfect recipe for their company or brand .
There are also those for whom dealing with communication is superfluous, and those who only timidly enter the digital world. Just think of the many b2b brands and all those little-known sectors (perhaps because they are little communicated) of which the social and economic fabric actually largely consists.

Unfortunately, many are convinced that in specialized fields aimed at the business world and/or that for companies that offer services, communicating externally is almost useless. In the manufacturing sector , which represents around 50% of Italian SMEs, only 15% invest in communication and marketing (2019 data).
A very low and quite shocking number, perhaps slightly increasing Email Lead after the pandemic, but certainly emblematic of a certain widespread way of thinking. Never thought was more wrong, and now we will explain why, strategically and with various examples of success.

What it means to do communication and marketing

Why do these companies have so much difficulty communicating (online as offline)? The reasons are truly varied and subjective, but we can identify some basic (albeit erroneous) beliefs.