Today satisfies the  B2C channel. People who occasionally choose the service to have a healthy and appetizing lunch break. “We are planning – continues Paiola – to also enter the B2B sector. Working with companies, many of which, in the last twelve months, have eliminated the canteen to avoid fixed costs and Cambodia Phone Number List avoid management difficulties, in favor of delivery”.

Paolo Paiola, founder of

Digital-native companies resist the pandemic

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Even the latest survey by the Qonto Observatory – the research center of the. French neo-bank for freelancers and SMEs – confirms that the catering sector is ready to bet on digital. 37 % of companies in the food world declare that they have introduced new IT tools into their business. But 70% of them expect greater investment in this field by 2021 .

It is the companies between  5 and 10 years of seniority  that have given, most of all, a significant boost to digitization: 50% against 35% of companies that have blown out less than five candles. According to analysts, the most recently established companies are digital-native , therefore in tackling the health emergency, they have a better start than their older sisters.

In 2021, then, the services related to marketing and advertising will be  the ones to which the largest budgets will be allocated – chosen by 32% of the sample – followed by accounting software (21%). Furthermore restaurateurs are inclined to activate new financial services. Such as an entirely online business account, to adopt instant messaging programs and e-commerce platforms.

Baboom’s digital menu

Digital is on the table

The project presented synergistically by Lavazza and Deliveroo  to bring breakfast from the bar directly to the home is also particularly innovative . An offer born from the need to experiment, within the Email Lead framework of a panorama that is progressively. Erasing the distinction between home and office. Consumer habits change and the sector scenarios are redesigned.