This is just one simple example of an email marketing funnel. Large agencies may offer advanced options and implement complex automation rules. But if you’re just getting started building relationships with customers, this simple three-step funnel is a good springboard to get you started. Let’s look at it in more detail.

What are email funnels

Creating a successful email marketing funnel requires several key components:

Traffic . Try to ensure a constant influx of quality targeted traffic. Don’t try to cover everyone at once. By attracting general traffic, you will spend more time weeding out inactive and uninterested users. The visitors that land on your page should be in the process of looking for specific content that fits with the theme and offers for your customers.

Content . Any visitor who comes to your site must have a Creating a successful reason for providing an email address. Just like that, no one will leave you contacts. Your goal should be to demonstrate the value of the content and create trust for the customer.

Tools . You will need to ensure that email addresses are captured. For example, using special subscription forms and landing pages or landing pages . You will also need a marketing automation tool ( mailing service ) to successfully implement the stages of the email marketing funnel.

To get started, this will be enough to create an email Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List funnel. Of course, you can go further and apply A/B testing to improve your conversion rate. But it is better to implement it after setting up all the stages of the funnel and using this tool to improve them.

Next, let’s look at how to create your own funnel using key components.

Stage 1. Attracting traffic

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Marketing starts with traffic. To create a successful email funnel, you need to provide it with a constant flow of targeted traffic. To attract him, prepare quality content. For this, 2 models are most often used:

1. Landing pages. Offer your visitors valuable content. For Creating a successful example, a book or a recording of a useful webinar. Drive traffic to a landing page that promotes such content. Instead of embedding small opt-in forms into your website, create a custom landing page that will start generating traffic for your funnel.  

How to choose the right offer for your landing page? You can Email Lead offer whatever you see fit. But it’s better to recommend content (create a course, a book, links to webinars…) that you will send out via email. This will help lead the audience to the planned goal, gradually forming the necessary perception of your brand, product or company among subscribers.