What digital transformation can bring to business

It is essential that women discover these professions so as not to suffer the environment that is imposed on them, by being actors to help create the world of tomorrow “, adds Dipty. Chander. For Ilham Guggenheim, inclusion must be part of the culture of the company and society for the lines to move. The notion of role models is very important to create vocations among the youngest. BDM round table: 3 tools to animate and exchange with your online communities Flavien Chantrel, HelloWork editorial manager – publisher of BDM, gives the floor to 3 social media engagement specialists.

To manage all of its attendances and obtain

AgoraPulse, Botnation and So-Buzz. These three services offer solutions suitable for brands that are launching on social networks as well as for already phone number list established companies that want to improve their engagement. The City of Nantes, for example, uses AgoraPulse to manage all of its attendances and obtain direct feedback from its constituents, with very convincing results. In Rennes, the STAR (transport service) allows users to quickly obtain answers via Messenger thanks to the chatbot based on Botnation solutions. In another area, Pika Edition (Hachette) offers contests on social networks to encourage engagement and raise awareness of its brand. Result: the number of Instagram subscribers has more than doubled in just 8 months.

The social media strategy of Interflora and MPG

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Discover social media tools on BDM/tools . BDM round table: personifying a brand on social networks, instructions for use – with Mon Petit Gazon & Interflora MPG and Interflora, two iconic brands on social networks, came to Email Lead Rennes to present their social media strategies. Very effective mechanics, which generate a lot of commitment, based on proximity and interactions with the public. Find our article dedicated to the social media strategy of Interflora and MPG . Round table: which digital strategies are applicable to large companies? This round table brings together Edith Taillart, Head of Digital & Operational Marketing at Euler Hermes France, Sylvie Lachkar, Global Digital Transformation Network Lead.

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