Ukraine recycles a super cool supermarket spot to order

They say that in love and war everything is fair and Ukraine seems to have adopted. Therefore,
the famous Spanish aphorism to try to gain positions in a war that seems destined to become sadly endless. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has recycled an old spot from the German supermarket chain Edeka (and the catchy song that plays there) to order Leopard tanks from Germany. Therefore, the advertisement that the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Decided to take inspiration from to request more tanks from the German Government is “Supergeil” ( something like “super cool” or “super cool” in Spanish) was released. Edeka in 2014 and in it the artist German Friedrich Liechtenstein sings a song of the same name that, once heard for the first time, is impossible to stop humming.

Ukraine relies on social networks to seek international help

Apparently, and as confirmed top industry data by Friedrich Liechtenstein’s representation agency. Therefore, the artist was not previously informed of the adaptation of the song and the advertisement in which he starred in 2014 for Edeka . Therefore, there would have been. No collaboration agreed between the German singer and the Ukrainian authorities. It is unknown, however. If Friedrich Liechtenstein will take action against the unauthorized use of his images and his song. Which the artist has not performed in any case for years. The German government has refused to deliver Leopard tanks and Marder infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. Claiming that no other ally of Ukraine has supplied such modern Western weapons to the country led by Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Ukrainian Executive relies heavily on social networks

The version of “Supergeil” that the Email Lead Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has pulled out of its hat amalgamates scenes taken from the original spot with images of Gepard anti-aircraft tanks and the IRIS-T air defense system. And words like “Super Gepard. “Super Iris. Super Defense” appear superimposed on the screen. Therefore,
this is followed by scenes of Leopard tanks in action followed. The words “Super Please” (clearly requesting the German authorities to send these tanks to Ukrainian lands). Therefore, the unique video from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense concludes by thanking Germany in advance.

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