After the celebration of the eShow Madrid 22 last week. It is the turn of another of the leading technology fairs in Europe: the Web Summit 2022 . The city of Lisbon hosts this meeting for another year. Which between November 1 and 4 brings together the greatest experts in the sector. Around 2,100 exhibiting companies, 1,400 investors. 1,200 speakers have attended (and will continue until tomorrow) this event. In which there are 2,600 accredited journalists who will broadcast everything that happens within the walls of the Altice Arena & Fil. With one day to go, more than 70,000 attendees from more than 120 countries are expected to attend Web Summit 2022 .

Martin Sorrell announces his forecasts on trends in the advertising world

Marketing and advertising have also category email list been present in the presentations at the Web Summit due to their close relationship with innovation. Digitalization and consumer experience. Martin Sorrell, one of the leading experts in this sector. Has spoken about what will set the trend in the advertising world in 2023. He did so this Thursday in a talk with Julia Goldin. Global director of product and marketing of one of the most well-known and beloved brands in the world, Lego . He also addressed the “recession” that the marketing sector is facing at the Web Summit 2022 in another presentation on Thursday afternoon.

Spanish representation at the Web Summit 2022

Spain is one of the European Email Lead countries with the greatest potential. In addition, has an extraordinary geographical and cultural proximity to Portugal. Already last year the participation of Spanish companies was noted in the event. Elisa Carbonell. General director of Internationalization of the company of the Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade ( ICEX ). Explained in statements to EFE: «Spain reaches its limit. The Spanish entrepreneurial ecosystem is currently hot. “It is one of the ecosystems that is growing the most and has received the most investment.”