This is one of the reasons why we at Zoner always renew our customers’ domain names automatically without any separate actions from the customer an existing value. when setting up a site. it may be reasonable to think about buying an existing site / domain instead of registering a new domain. In connection with new domain names. the length of the domain registration period can also be important.

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This is bas on the theory that a africa email list domain register immiately for five years would probably be more reliable and less likely to be register for fraudulent purposes than a domain register for only one year. Mission: Make sure all your domains have auto-renew enabl so they don’t expire accidentally. Domain name extension Does the select domain name extension matter in terms of search engine optimization? John Muller writes. in an article on Google’s official Webmasters blog.

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That all domain endings are basically valu Email Lead in the same way. This means that the .com domain does not have an advantage over some other ending. Also. a possible keyword locat in the domain ending. such as .store. does not raise results with that search term. Surprisingly. however. the suffix of the chosen domain name can make a difference. In the same article. Google states that it uses country-specific endings to help identify which geographic region the site is aim at. That is. if the site is purely intend for.