Google are also always partly bas on your previous usage history. such as previous searches or your browser history. Basically. Google will serve you different results than another user. For this reason. accurate monitoring of search engine rankings requires its own utilities . Keyword research  starts with careful keyword research. In keyword research. we find out which individual search terms people generally use to search for information on Google. relat to your activities.

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Keyword research can also be us to europe email list determine whether an ideat site or a single subpage / blog post is worth implementing. and it can also easily affect the domain name and URLs us on the site. Read more about keyword research in our previous article. Domain name is of great importance to search engine results. If the domain name already contains the Searchable term. the site. and especially its front page.

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Gets a significant advantage in the search Email Lead results with the search term. Often. however. sites can be found in Google’s search engine results with several tens of thousands of different keywords. so overall good results can also be achiev with a brand-bas domain name. Domain age The age of the domain and the site also has an effect on search engine results. The older the domain name. the more reliable it appears to Google. For this reason. it is very important to ensure that the domain name does not accidentally expire in between.