There is one territory in particular where the use of copywriting is increasingly updating and transforming. Social networks in 2022 are far from obsolete, they continue to be the perfect space for companies that want to communicate directly with their consumers. Not only that, it has become essential for companies to monitor their reputation and image on social networks. This is why Eco della Stampa provides a Social Media Monitoring service, as an effective weapon for building your own communication strategy. Indeed, writing an article on the web is not the same as writing on social networks. Often in these spaces the messages are shorter, more precise and straight to the point. There is always the urgency and need to get a message across quickly but efficiently.

Precisely for this reason, many insiders have often accused UAE Phone Number List social networks of flattening and creating too much simplification, even for those issues that instead deserve greater respect for complexity. It is in fact a real risk, before which the copywriter must react. On the one hand we must always welcome the art of synthesis but at the same time we must respect the content of what we want to convey.

The key questions to ask yourself to write good copy

Who is your audience? 

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The social target is a rather particular type of user, despite what one might think, it is a very different reader from the typical web user who moves on search engines.

In fact, the web user is defined as an active and aware recipient. In search on the main engines, this type of user has a specific question or problem to solve. A copy present on a site is therefore actively sought by the user. This means that the user will read the whole copy with a motivated and willing attitude , to find a solution to his question. However, he will be less inclined to interact.

The social user, on the other hand, is on the platform without a specific purpose, but is simply looking for entertainment or interactions. The moment in which this type of user and a potential copyist come into contact is therefore completely different from web browsing. It is about leisure and lightness, the recipient is not actively looking for something, nor a product to buy, nor an answer to a specific problem.

Who are you writing for?

When we have identified the type of user , it is time to understand who these people really are. Writing without your end user in mind could produce a text that is too general. Before writing, it is very useful to build an identikit of the public, called the buyer persona.

You should never sell a product or service “cold”, dragged Email Lead along by haste, i.e. without speaking with empathy , without putting yourself in the user’s shoes. Try to put yourself in the perspective of who will be receiving the copy. When we’re on social media, we all look for entertainment, whether it’s news, laughter, etc… and we tend to avoid everything else.

A successful copy on social media is able to attract attention in less than 2 seconds, intercepting our interests.