Lately, you’ve probably heard a lot about Product Led Growth (PLG). The term is everywhere on social media. Venture capitalists want to invest in this model, product managers want to implement it, and growth managers want to measure it. And this is all great news for users. Product-driven growth means better products and less resistance to adopting them. In this post, we will provide a brief overview of what Product Led Growth (PLG) is and why you should care about it. Additionally, we’ll cover the role notifications play in the PLG model and walk through some notifications you should consider for your own product. If you take one thing away from this post, let it be this: the key to product-driven growth is satisfied customers.

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It’s not about sending more notifications, it’s about sending the right notifications. What is Product Led Growth? Simply put, product-led growth starts with a great product that is easy to adopt. You give your customers a self-service way to sign up for Cambodia Phone Number Data your product, try it for free, and discover the value it offers. If they find success with your product, you will also find success with them as a customer. It’s worth noting that product-led growth doesn’t just mean self-service. Many of the best software teams combine product-driven growth with a sales team to help customers find value. Even when a sales team is present, it’s the product that drives growth, whether that’s bringing new pre-qualified leads into your funnel or expanding existing accounts.

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First impressions of your product are extremely important. This ranges from registration and login flows to new user onboarding and notifications. Notifications, despite their importance in engagement and growth loops, are often overlooked compared to more visual sign-up and onboarding flows. However, they play a crucial role in Email Lists product-led growth. They are the only part of your product that communicates with users (and potential users) when they are away from your product. Product Led Growth: Growing Trend in the Business World Product Led Growth (PLG) has been a growing trend in the business world. According to recent McKinsey research, companies that adopt a product-driven approach to growth are more likely to achieve successful results. In fact, the study reveals that companies that adopt.