The Pay Off
Literally pay-off , it means “liquidation, final balance”. This is the technical term used to define the slogan that accompanies the company logo or product brand.

It is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to

Create a lasting psychological bridge between the company and Hong Kong Phone Number List its audience. A special combination of words that over time turns into an advertising message in all respects. The pay-off is capable, in the most successful cases, of even entering everyday language. Here are some examples:

Barilla: Where there is Barilla, there is home
Crodino: The blond soft drink drives the world crazy.
Nutella: What world would it be without Nutella?
Adidas: Impossible is nothing.
Creating a logo is like creating a sign
The brand is a sign. A form capable of assuming recognizable socio-cultural meanings. Not everyone knows that the brand , by definition, was born as an ” imprinted sign to indicate the ownership or origin of something “. The brand is an indelible sign, in fact originally the brand was born as a sign made with a red-hot iron. This is particularly Email Lead recognizable in the English language. Where the term brand comes from ” brennan ” which means precisely ” to burn “. The trademark or the brand are pure signs, to the extent that they refer directly to themselves. Furthermore, the brand can take on any meaning and ends up being valid and recognized as such.

The brand is a source and a vehicle of meanings , a real creative act.

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Creating a brand today means providing meaning. This meaningĀ Email Lead not only goes to identify and differentiate certain objects, but creates a new content. The recipients access this meaning not only for the need to buy. But for the need to give meaning to their way of being, for example.

What is naming
The study of naming is a marketing sector dedicated exclusively to the conception and creation of the name of a product or a brand. In fact naming concerns both the conception of the name of the brand in general and of a product in particular. This is one of the most delicate phases of building a brand.