Some of the most important processes of brand identity already begin at this stage. The design of the naming represents the right balance between synthesis and creativity. It represents the company, what it Iceland Phone Number List wants to express and its personality. Thanks to the choice of the right naming. In fact it is possible to communicate the values ​​of the brand and therefore build the identity of the brand in the minds of consumers to one’s liking .

The different types of naming

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Denotative names: names that are immediately referable to the product or to one of its characteristics. They have the advantage of making the consumer immediately understand what the attributes of the product or brand are.
Invented names: names that are freely invented. But which in some way reflect a feature or value of the product or brand.
Acronyms : in this case the naming is made up of the initials of a series of names that represent the entire brand.
Connotative names: are names that have a symbolic association with the product or brand, which in some way recall its nature.
Names and Surnames: surnames take on a brand meaning thanks to marketing communication focused on the Heritage and origin of the

Brand and its existence over time.

The strategic importance in choosing the logo and naming
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Years ago the name of the brand often coincided with the name of the founder. Today, following the constant evolution of the market, it is necessary to find names able to give a solid identity to a company. According to numerous marketing experts, the commercial success of a new brand also largely lies in the naming and logo. This is why Eco della Stampa supports its customers through the Logo & Image Detection service. Ideal for accurately measuring the TV exposure duration of your logo.