Everyone knows that a brand, product or service on the market has a logo and a naming . This inseparable combination is the basis for every commercial activity. To be able to present yourself on the market you need to have both, but having an effective logo and naming is what guarantees an edge over your competitors for your brand.

What is a logo

A logo (or logotype ) is a sign or writing that usually represents a product, service, company or organization. Typically it consists of a symbol, an inscription or simply a graphic representation. A professional Canada Phone Number List and well-studied logo allows you to recognize the company to which the logo refers with almost immediate effect. At the same time it is able to communicate, almost instinctively, the core business and core value of the brand. This happens through the colors of the brand , its construction, design and strategic choices implemented.

The logo consists of several parts

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There is a legible part of the brand which is called the logotype. This is the translation of the trademark into a legible form, which identifies the company name. Then there is a graphic part that is built with a study of the colors and the legibility of the logo itself from various angles. The choice of font to use is also very important , which makes the logo unique and easily recognizable. Just think, for example, of the font used in the famous “ Coca Cola ” or “ Disney ” logos. The simple vision of that character is enough to bring it back to the corporate brand.

In some cases the brand is represented solely by the logo in other cases it is also accompanied by a graphic symbol inextricably linked to that name.

Graphic elements
When these graphic expressions are used, the semiotic use Email Lead of the represented signs is fundamental. By this we mean the attribution to them of a meaning, of a content, in order to make it recognizable and significant. They can be abstract or “iconographic” signs, i.e. resembling real figures. Other than that, what accompanies the logo is usually the Pay-off .