There are two ways companies are approaching the world of NFTs. The first is to buy NFTs of already existing collections, so as to get in touch with very specific communities and targets. This is the The second way is to case of Visa , the international payments company, which bought CryptoPunk 7610 , a non-fungible token, for $150,000, thus becoming one of the first traditional companies to do so. Because, as Cuy Sheffield, head of cryptocurrency at Visa said: “We believe NFTs will play an important role in the future of retail, social media, entertainment and commerce”.

The second way is to create your own collection of NFTs. Which, as Michele New Zealand Mobile Number List Imbimbo always tells us, can in turn have two different declinations : “A commercial one, where I create collections to sell them to my users and insert myself within this market. Or, as we at Stargraph did with Intesa San Paolo , work on loyalty. That is, I create NFTs and distribute them for free to my most loyal customers”.

NFT also a value for the public sector

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NFTs are not just a phenomenon affecting private sector companies. The public can also exploit its potential and benefit from the resulting advantages . For example, in tourism, art, services, to have exclusive access to experiences, places of art, events and activities.

“Today, for example, there is a lot of talk about the The second way is to metaverse. Here, a field of application for public bodies could be just this: guaranteeing users, through the use of NFTs. Access to exclusive cultural experiences within this virtual dimension”.

How to protect yourself from scams or fake NFTs.

In the crypto world, another acronym is used: DYOR. Do Your Own Research. Which means “get informed”, “do your research”. Before investing in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, in fact, it is important Email Lead to get to know this market well, study the underlying mechanisms, such as the smart contract. And rely on expert and competent people.

“ It’s a new world and it’s very difficult to be 100% protected. Scams The second way is to are widespread and it is easy to fall for them if you are inexperienced” suggests Michele Imbimbo. “Be wary of those who promise you crazy profits in just a few clicks and study this world well which, although stimulating and fascinating, can hide pitfalls”.