An acronym that is on everyone’s lips. An acronym that has now become a trend. Three simple letters that promise to change the global economy market. Everyone is looking for them, everyone wants them. There are those who have already paid out millions to grab them. But what exactly are NFTs? In the last appointment of our ECOffee , we talked about it with Michele Imbimbo, digital entrepreneur and CEO of Stargraph , the first and so far only Italian NFT marketplace, to better understand this phenomenon.

NFT: An explanation for dummies

An NFT is comparable to a certificate of ownership”, Michele Oman Phone Number List Imbimbo tells us, “which certifies me, in fact, as the owner of all the digital assets belonging to that NFT. Which can be a photo, a video, a file, an avatar, a document, but also an experience or a physical asset”.

Game, art, experience – an NFT can be many things

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Non -fungible tokens are versatile, a trend destined to be confirmed: in fact, they can be used to represent anything: art, game tools, tickets, access to social experiences . Within the game, for example, users can use their NFTs to buy extra content, tools to progress through the various “worlds” and levels, but they can also exchange them on dedicated markets as if it were a currency. Game assets thus become real and acquire a tangible value.

“NFTs are having success because they have three characteristics: they are immutable, so they cannot be changed; they have their own historicity, which is also immutable and guaranteed by Email Lead blockchain technology; they are marketable, therefore they take on a value and create a market. Today the growth curve of this phenomenon is comparable to that of the Internet in the early 90s. It is a technology that will become mainstream within a few years”.

How companies can take advantage of the NFT trend for their communication