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Do you know Stevenage Football Club ? Probably not, and Netherlands Mobile Number List apparently there’s no reason to. The team ended the 19/20 season in the penultimate place of the fourth (and last) English division. Yet, during the last season, Stevenage incredibly became the most famous club in the online world thanks to a partnership with Burger King and a marketing campaign destined to make school!

Stevenage Football Club

Stevenage is a town in Hertfordshire , about 40 km north of London, whose football team, as mentioned, is not achieving great results. For years now, it has been at the bottom of League Two. Furthermore, it cannot even boast a glorious past: Stevenage FC, at most, played in League One, or the English third division. This is a rather rare fact in England, where the “lapsed nobles” are much more frequent than in Italy.

Broadhall Way, the home of Stevenage Football Club

How is it possible then that he became so famous

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It all starts last season, when Stevenage FC surprisingly signs a commercial agreement with Burger King , which thus becomes the main sponsor. An at least curious partnership you might rightly think: how can a giant like Burger King take an interest in an “insignificant” club, numbers in hand, the poorest professional team in England? Why not invest in a team from the Premier League or some other major league?

Stevenage FC’s match shirts for the 2019/20 season

The answer is as simple as it is brilliant. League Two is featured in the famous FIFA football video game (the most played title in the world), so Stevenage FC is also part of it. Burger King’s marketing Email Lead rightly thought that by sponsoring the club in the physical world , they would also sponsor it in the virtual world. And in the virtual world one is not “confined” to the slums of the fourth division, but can easily find oneself frequenting the same environments as the strongest and most expensive footballers and teams in the world, with a potentially enormous return on image.