The #StevenageChallenge
And they were right! As soon as FIFA 20 was released , gamers from all over the world immediately started choosing Stevenage as the team to face the career mode with, certainly intrigued by the sponsorship . In this game mode, the gamer generally chooses a team and, managing all the sporting and management aspects, takes it to the top of world football. And it is here that Burger King’s plan – not new to these brilliant ideas – came to life.

The promotional image of the Stevenage Challenge

To further encourage the use of the Hertfordshire club, the Mexico Phone Number List famous fast food restaurant has created the #StevenageChallenge , launching a challenge to all gamers: transform a small club into the biggest team in the world online and share their goals on Twitter. The prize? Free burgers!

Consider yourself a pro football gamer

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If you can complete our challenges then you’ll earn some amazing prizes! Check out your tasks here #StevenageChallenge

— Burger King (@BurgerKingUK) October 17, 2019
The success has been incredible. In just a few weeks, Stevenage FC became the most used team for career mode in FIFA 20. Over 25,000 videos of goals scored by Stevenage players quickly invaded social networks, generating an earned media value of 2 .5 million dollars .

Virtual is real!
But the brilliant part of this operation is that it was not the Email Lead unknown players of the real Stevenage who scored these goals, but Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Mbappè and many other champions. Basically Burger King has managed, spending practically zero, to make all the best footballers in the world wear their logo!

It wasn’t just fast food that won. Stevenage FC has achieved unprecedented fame , becoming, as mentioned, the most used club in FIFA 20 in career mode. A truly unthinkable image return for a fourth division team. ESPN called it “the greatest team in the world, at least online.” For the first time in the club’s history, the match shirts were sold out