Creativity knowledge of best practices familiarity with tools

Study of the behavior of the reference target . These are the fundamental elements to ensure the success of any marketing action on social media. Who said that, through Facebook , you can’t sell.

If you are entrepreneurs in step Creativity knowledge with the times, curious enough Malaysia Phone Number List to accept small challenges, you can increase brand awareness , expand your audience , acquire new profiled contacts, retain listless customers and increase sales. As? By stopping snubbing virtual squares and starting to visit them intelligently.

Consider Mark Zuckerberg

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Social network . More than 75 percent of entrepreneurs, according to a survey by Neting – a leading group in social media marketing consultancy for companies – do not know how to use it Creativity knowledge effectively. As Veronica Gentili , a successful entrepreneur who has specialized in Facebook marketing for over 8 years and a guest of an ECOffee usable on the Media Intelligence Arena platform. Claims Facebook does not function as a showcase , because it was not created to sell, but to inform, express and tell oneself.

I have learned over time that the more you manage to create a relationship with people, the more you try to involve them, the greater the chances of selling through Facebook, precisely Creativity knowledge because, as every entrepreneur should know, people who already have a relationship with the brands are more likely to buy. You have to learn to  communicate the right message, at the right time, to the right person, involving them, gaining trust and interest, and therefore selling in a more or less direct way.

Veronica Gentiles

What rules to follow? Neting lists them precisely in a white Email Lead paper entitled How to use Facebook to promote your business . In the first place, the entrepreneur must know and comply with the law. In order not to expose his business to risks and to misuse of the instrument.