creat content. but you shouldn’t be discourag by the numbers just yet.  mention 5.7% of pages got to the top page of the search results faster thanks to well-done search engine optimization. Why do search engine rankings vary? Search engine rankings are constantly alive. Google wants to offer its users the best possible search results. so it constantly tests and compares which search results are the best for its users. It is the variation in search rankings that enables search engine optimization. i.e. new and better content.

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It is the variation in search rankings asia email list that enables search engine optimization. i.e. new and better content can replace old results from the top positions over time. In this way. the company’s visibility on the Internet can grow little by little with purposeful work diagram of the history of the top 5 rankings of a keyword over the past six months. Search engine rankings and their development for five sites. As you can see from the graph.

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A few results have remain very consistently Email Lead at the top. One of the results has quite recently risen to the top as a newcomer. and for one result. Google has clearly not yet been able to decide whether the result is good or not. In particular. keywords with high variation in top rankings are suitable targets for search engine optimization. So it is often easier and faster for these words to reach the top positions. because they are not yet very establish. Personaliz search engine results It is also worth noting that the search engine results you.