Grammarly . Tidy up the text in English, get rid of typos and missing articles. While you are writing, the service analyzes your text and suggests ways to improve it.

Istio . A free online text analysis service that evaluates SEO parameters such as text length, word count, nausea (spaminess), keyword density, and water content. _ Allows registered users to Portugal Phone Number List check texts up to 15,000 characters per day for uniqueness for free.

Services for testing letters and DNS records of a domain.

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Before clicking the “Send” button, check the letter and domain settings using special services.

mail tester . Tests emails for spam, points out errors in links, checks domain records and the quality of email formatting. 

Just send an email to the suggested address, then check the score. The suggested email changes every time. How to use the service, read the article .

MXtoolbox . Checking DNS records, full domain diagnostics and additional tools for site analysis. How to use it is described in detail in the article . . Here you will get complete information Email Lead about DNS settings for your domain and find out if it is blacklisted. 

Use these services in your work and your letters will become much more attractive to subscribers. Open rates, click-through rates, conversions will increase, and with them your income. 

These are just a few of the tools that help email marketers achieve better results. We will talk about them in the next article.