Every business has the same end goal. Sell ​​a product and then turn your former or one-time customers into repeat customers.

The list of tactics to influence consumers is long. It could be hiring an additional sales team, buying ads, or improving your product or service. All of these techniques are designed to help businesses increase sales.

In this article, I propose to focus on one tactic for attracting and retaining customers – email marketing funnels. When built correctly, they lead to increased sales and revenues.

What are email marketing funnels

To understand how email marketing funnels can help your business, you first need to understand what they are.

A marketing funnel is a customer’s journey from getting to know a brand to buying a product or service and turning it into a regular customer. An email marketing funnel is no different. But turning leads into loyal customers is done through email marketing tactics.

If you want your email marketing to be successful, you El-Salvador Phone Number List must have a well-thought-out strategy to ensure that the right content is delivered to potential customers at the right time. And email marketing funnels do a good job of this.

How it works. At the beginning of the funnel, you have raw traffic. As traffic moves through the funnel, it turns into leads and eventually converts into customers.

The first stage of the email marketing funnel is acquisition

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The next step is to convert raw traffic into leads. Subscription forms with a targeted call to action do a great job of this. If the offer meets the requirements of visitors, we will get a high subscription conversion rate. This is the second stage – interaction .

Once we receive an email address, we connect it to an automated email marketing funnel. The principle of sending mailing lists is based on their actions – what content interested them, what letters they opened earlier and what links they clicked on.

This is just one simple example of an email marketing Email Lead funnel. Large agencies may offer advanced options and implement complex automation rules. But if you’re just getting started building relationships with customers, this simple three-step funnel is a good springboard to start with. Let’s look at it in more detail.

What are email funnels?