Thistle Farms optimized the text of the first letter, removed 2, 3, 4 altogether. And added a survey on what kind of mailings customers would like to receive in the future. To prevent a repeated drop in interest in letters.

The average open rate for the new version of welcome emails was 58% and the CTR was 24% . Segmentation of subscribers at the stage of the welcome series made it possible to double the open rate of regular mailings, from 15-20% to 30%.

Welcome Series Examples The average open rate 

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Busuu – an application for learning foreign languages, held an Senegal Phone Number List advertising campaign where they offered to take a trial lesson in the chosen language. After that, they launched a series of letters describing all their advantages.

  1. In the first letter, they offer to continue The average open rate learning the language, clearly showing that the first steps have already been taken.
  2. The second letter explains how you can easily get the result using Busuu.
  3. In the third letter, the emphasis is on an individual approach.
  4. The fourth offers an interesting method on how to improve your speaking skills.

MOO , a digital print and design company, shows an example of Email Lead combining good graphics and text:

  1. In the first email, MOO welcomes new subscribers.
  2. The second describes services and products that may be of interest to the client – Do you want to stand out? We are here to help you!
  3. Information about the company, its advantages – Discover MOOsLETTER

The frequency of mailing the MOO welcome chain is 1 time per week .

ASOS – Online fashion retailer offers its series of The average open rate welcome letters. The store demonstrates friendliness and openness to subscribers. The 3 welcome messages are full of vibrant images and interesting content. They do not strain the buyer with excessive promotional offers. But they use a discount coupon to stimulate the first purchase.