1. Hello, we finally met!
  2. Introducing the world of ASOS.
  3. 10% discount just for you.

ASOS welcome chain email frequency

second email arrives the next day, third one a week later.

We present a selection of the most necessary services and tools for successful email campaigns. They will greatly facilitate the work of an email marketer and make your emails more interesting for subscribers.

  • Tools for creating letter layouts.

These services will help you create beautiful emails. You only need Slovenia Phone Number List to choose a ready-made template and add your content to it. There are free plans.

stripo email . Template constructor, which has everything you need to quickly create letters of absolutely any complexity without layout skills. We described in detail how to use the service in the article “ How to create beautiful templates for email newsletters for free without knowledge of HTML ”.

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Saks Fifth Avenue kicks off the welcome streak by offering a 10% discount to new subscribers. Followed by letters about the benefits of shopping with Saks and links to social networks. Ends the series with a personal preference survey to send subscribers what interests them in the future.

You can use these ideas or create your own script for communicating with Email Lead subscribers. The main thing to remember is that specific people will read your letters. Think about what will interest them more – a formal listing of the merits of your company or information that will help a person solve his problems and a tangible discount on goods.

The Estismail mailing service (Estismail) will help you find an approach to new subscribers using segmentation. Using the block editor, you can easily create a beautiful letter. A mailing calendar will make your communication with subscribers easier and save you from the daily routine.