Showcase your product in all its glory. According to statistics, the time spent viewing a page with photos or pictures increases. But let them be real, relating to your proposal and revealing it. Beautiful photos of strangers will not help.

Make a design with Estismail templates . Use the gallery or block editor , where you can easily create an attractive email for subscribers. The Estismail mailing service has everything to make your communication with customers comfortable and enjoyable.

Build Trust

It is important for the buyer to be sure that he will not lose money if the product does not fit. Or will be able to issue a refund upon receipt of a defective copy. Provide a link to the warranty Test constantly! With statements that are set out on your website. It is enough for the client to understand that he is dealing with a reliable company that cares about its image. 

In mailings, it makes no sense to list all the rules so as not to overload the reader with information. And phrases like “100% money back guarantee” are spam words that are best avoided in emails.

Experiment Test constantly! With

Test constantly! With headline options and email texts, calls Cyprus Phone Number List to action and button placement, colors and whatever else you want. Only by testing will you understand what customers respond best to and what makes them take actions on your site.

Don’t strive for perfection. Even market dinosaurs Test constantly! With have failed “unique offerings” incarnations. Knowing the target audience and understanding its needs is more important here. No one knows better than you where your product and the pains of your target audience coincide.

It is important that sent emails reach recipients’ mailboxes and end up in the inbox.

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It is important that sent emails reach recipients’ mailboxes and end up in the inbox. The mailing service Estismail will help with this.

With our help, it is easy to segment subscribers and prepare offers Email Lead for each group. Detailed statistics will allow you to draw conclusions already in the process Test constantly! With of mailing and quickly make changes to your email strategy.

Send only smart emails!