The call is clear

Make sure the customer understands how to buy, how much it costs, and where to click to purchase the product. Make the button contrast. As recommended by Apple, the minimum button size is 44 x 44 pixels.  To be visible on the small screen of a mobile device. Accompany it with a human-friendly call:

  • Start shopping
  • Read review
  • Get a trial
  • Subscribe to newsletter
  • Add to Basket
  • Take a look inside
  • Get it now
  • Read the article
  • Download a book, etc.


Clearly and in detail describe the product and its benefits Croatia Phone Number List to customers. Let the proposal be transparent and understandable.  This is the case when brevity is the sister of talent and the engine of sales. A lot of text and pretentious design will only confuse the buyer. The scheme of delivery and payment will enhance the positive impression.

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Add an urgency effect that will help the client decide to take action. Specify the duration of the promotion to encourage the buyer to act here and now. Offer additional gifts for several days, discount cards. Write about a limited number of bonuses or products at a promotional price.

Write letters only to your target audience.  You don’t need to send emails to men if you’re selling women’s products. A man can buy goods for his wife’s birthday. But this will be a one-time purchase. Communicate with the audience that makes purchases constantly.


Tastes could not be discussed. The degree of perception of the same promotional offer can vary greatly. But there are general design principles that evoke positive emotions in customers. It is not burdensome, light, pleasant design.

Place the call to action so that it is immediately visible when you Email Lead open the letter. Make it stand out in the crowd. Use images – it’s more intelligible and clearer. Many subscribers do not read letters, but only “scan” them diagonally. The eyes always linger on the images.