Such as logo files. So your franchisees always know where to get the most up-to-date versions. Nee help? Grab our free social media policy template. And check this complete guide to brand guidelines. . Standardize publishing flows this is where the power of a scheuling tool comes in. Sure. You can scheule content for free on most of the platforms native apps. But a publishing workflow is so much more than just scheuling. For example. If you set your team up with hootsuite. You also get: share canva templates for on-brand content: earlier i mentione how important consistency is. With our canva integration. You can let franchisees access custom brande canva templates right from hootsuite composer. Ensuring everyones visuals are top notch.

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Quick onboarding and account access: you retain super admin privileges for all accounts and its easy to set up new franchisees at scale. Deep analytics insights: with all your franchisee accounts connecte in hootsuite. You can get a macro or micro view of key analytics with a few clicks. Easily identify top performing content ideas to share with all franchisees and always know your social roi. Powerful publishing tools: the personalize best time to publish feature business email list automatically scheules content for when each profiles audience is most likely to see it. Plus: drafts. A visual calendar planner. Built in advertising options. And more. Easy content approval: want to review each post before it goes public. And easily collaborate on eits or revisions with franchisees? Hootsuite does that. Too. Plus.

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Supercharge your franchisees marketing power with owlywriter ai. Perfect for both novice social media marketers and pros alike. Owlywriter instantly generates ready-to-post content that actually sounds like your brand. Get all the deets in under seconds: . Track analytics locally and globally you already know analytics data is essential for knowing if your social media marketing strategy is working. But analytics are even more important for franchisors because you nee to measure your overall growth. And be able to break down performance by Email Lead branch. Hootsuite analytics makes it easy to see everything you nee instantly. Get the big picture overview of all your franchisors at once. Across all platforms. Or break it down by region. Platform. Or individual branch.