See whats working and whats not before campaigns end. Allowing time to pivot if necessary. No more spreadsheets or having to log into each platforms website to get the numbers you want. Save your key metrics as custom reports. Ready to view. Export. Or share with just a few clicks. Hootsuite social channels mixe overview this is another big advantage of setting franchisees up in hootsuite: they get efficient content scheuling and you get comprehensive analytics. Dont know what to track? Heres everything you nee to set up your social media analytics the right way. Conduct branch social media audits dont panic at the use of audit its painless. I promise. A social media audit is a way of routinely evaluating performance and identifying improvement opportunities.

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An audit reviews: current social media platforms brand consistency analytics reports reputation and sentiment via social listening tools goals and roi its a repeatable process you can use to see how your franchisees social media marketing is going. Use it to praise and amplify top-performing content. And to identify areas of improvement to coach them on. How often should you run a branch social media audit? Thats up business lead to you. But id suggest at least quarterly to check in. And annually. Before updating the next years marketing plan and budget. Read how to do a social media audit and snag our free template. Or watch below.

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Support branches with design templates one of the biggest challenges your franchisees likely have with social media marketing is creating content. Especially visuals like graphics or videos. The average creator spends – hours per week creating content. Which doesnt sound like a ton of time… if social media is your full-time job. But for many franchisees. Its not. Plus. Over a quarter spend – hours and a total of spend over hours Email Lead per week on content. Weekly time spent creating digital content by social media creators worldwide in source: statista luckily. This is something you can easily solve for your franchisees. Create pre-designe content templates that only nee small tweaks before scheuling and publishing. Set up a template library with hootsuites built-in canva integration so your franchisees can customize and insert templates right inside hootsuite composer.