1. Use Welcome Emails to Gauge Visitor Interests and Awareness

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Welcome emails are the first thing subscribers see in their inboxes. These emails do 3 things:

  • Give a link to download valuable content

  • They tell more about you, as well as what will be in the next letters.

  • They help track the interests and awareness level of the lead.

The third part is critical to building a lead nurturing Finland Phone Number List campaign. How to determine interests and level? Include multiple links in your email that represent different interests or different levels of awareness, and track which links your subscribers click on.

2. Create custom funnels

Sending a generic email to all subscribers initially will hurt your conversion rates. So the next step in nurturing is to create separate funnels for each group of leads based on their previous activities.

Find out which keywords they used to find Sending a generic your content, which of the suggested downloads they were interested in, and which links they clicked on in their welcome emails. In the absence of additional demographic data, this can be a good way to initially segment customers.

3. Use the right content type in every email

A raw lead entering the funnel knows little about your services. Especially Email Lead that he needs them to solve his own problems. Therefore, your goal is to help the client understand what is the best way to solve problems. Before you offer him your services.

As a rule, at the first stages of the educational process, new subscribers are sent easy-to-read content – articles, videos. At the second stage, more detailed e-books and technical documentation related to the topic of interest are sent.