You can also create different opt-in forms for each lead capture page. This will help you test which form or CTA works best.

Offer content up front. For example, report it on a blog and post a small part on the site – no more than 50%. Share the rest of the content after subscribing. Thus, you will have lists of subscribers who are interested in a particular topic. Build your email marketing strategy accordingly.


Once a visitor enters the address base, you lead him to the goal throughout the funnel. This also applies to existing subscribers and customers. By preparing separate content for them and Czech Republic Phone Number List providing a link to it, you send them on a journey through the email funnel. This increases the chances of converting an audience that has already purchased the product and trust you into the ranks of regular customers. And Option is to look each new funnel increases the life cycle of customers.

How to create valuable content for the visitor

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One option is to look at what your target audience is sharing on social media. This gives an understanding of the main problems of the client and his perception of the content. How to use this tactic:

  • Create your buyer persona (if you haven’t already).

  • Find 10 people who match your target audience and are active on social media.

  • Make a list of content that interests them. Pay attention to what groups they belong to, what they share, what discussions they take part in, etc.

  • Analyze the received information.

Your goal is to find out what kind of content your target customers prefer. This will help create content that meets their interests.

It is also necessary to align the content with the traffic collection strategy. What type of content you create will largely depend on how you plan to drive traffic to it.

There are several recommendations for different traffic acquisition Email Lead channels. If the main traffic is from social networks, bet on useful content with strong visual components for Facebook. Focus on B2B topics and detailed tutorials for LinkedIn. Tech and current events content is popular on Twitter.

To attract customers with SEO, create longer content (from 2000 words) to increase the page’s chances of ranking. Make sure to use strong SEO tactics for your landing page – tags, keywords, etc. Update content constantly, as fresher text on a page helps it rank higher in searches.