At the end of the funnel, submit themed content that demonstrates the solution to their problem. It will also work as an advertisement for your services. This way, the subscriber learns enough about your company and products to be ready to buy.

4. Collect additional data in each email

Use each email sent to collect additional subscriber data. For Georgia Phone Number List example, if he indicated only an email address in the subscription form, ask him to leave Use each email sent his name and phone number in one of the subsequent letters, etc. Thus, each letter can be a source of additional data. This will give more detailed information that will be useful in working with subscribers.

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Summing up

Email marketing funnels can bring well-prepared leads on autopilot. After you have created your funnel, it remains to direct traffic to it. And to form a funnel, you just need:

Create compelling content and send traffic to it

Collect email addresses from attracted traffic

Takes care of the resulting database of addresses, offering them relevant content and collecting additional data.

All this is easy to implement using the Estismail mailing service . To collect email addresses, we offer ready-made subscription forms that can be inserted into any website. Using a block email editor and Email Lead automation, you can send targeted content to your subscribers in a timely manner and track the results.

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